A fine example of no-waste cooking where green crunchy banana peels and pungent mustard create a classic Bengali chorchori

Kachkola Khosha Chochchori is a type of chochchori made from the chopped peels of kachkola (green bananas/plantains). Bengalis consume all parts of the banana plant in one form or the other and green banana recipes are some of the most loved. Bengal, having seen devastating famines as well as the horrors of Partition, has had to be frugal and resourceful when it comes to food. Once you taste this kachkola’r khosha chochchori you will wonder why anyone would consider throwing away the peels when making a kachkola recipe! It is that delicious. So next time you’re making green banana kofta (kachkola’r kofta) or kachkola’r torkari, remember to preserve the peels! We hope you give this easy green bananas recipe a try.

YIELDS 6 servings

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